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Trade Union Facility Time Regulations

Under the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017, we are required to calculate and publish information on Facility Time; the paid time off that we provide to our employees to undertake Trade Union duties and activities. As a Trust, we value the close working relationships we have with regional and local Trade Union representatives, as well as our internal workplace representatives. We understand and appreciate the benefit of good trade union relations in the workplace.

The purpose of the regulations is to promote transparency and public scrutiny of Facility Time, to ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent appropriately and represents value for money. Although the percentage of time spent on facilities time appears negligible, it is because the Trust’s internal representatives make up a small proportion of our overall workforce and pay bill. From September 2018, the Trust has paid into the local Bradford Facility Time arrangements, whereby the Trust is contributing towards the release of full time local representatives, further increasing our commitment to excellent working relationships with the recognised Trade Unions.

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