Together we Exceed

Exceed Institute

Exceed Academies Trust’s school improvement organisation, Exceed Institute, is driven by the Trust’s teacher recruitment and retention strategy. This runs through everything we do to support our schools.

Our staff are our most valuable asset. Whether they are experienced teachers, early career teachers, aspiring teachers, support staff or aspiring or established leaders, we invest in them to ensure our children and communities have the very best adults supporting their learning and development. As the lead school within the Carnegie Leaders in Learning license, the National Professional Qualifications are the foundation of our leadership development programmes and support for teachers who wish to develop as expert teachers rather than take the step into school and system leadership. Our CPD continuum maps all the support available to our Trust staff – from support staff to executive leaders.

We grow the next generation of teachers. We develop our support staff and applicants to our highly successful school centred initial teacher training (SCITT) programmes to prepare for training, to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), and to have a successful early career as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT). We work. Our Early Career Development Programme draws explicitly on the research and evidence-based practice that has informed Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework and ITT core standards. It also has strong links with the new Early Career Framework that will be piloted in Bradford from 2020.

We are committed to reducing unnecessary workload for teachers and leaders. The wellbeing of our staff is vital to the success of our organisation, and the learning and development of our children. Our trust and school Wellbeing Champions work with our outstanding HR professionals to assist school leaders.

We recognise that our schools serve different communities and have different contexts. Where our schools are successful, the school’s leaders have the autonomy to run their school. They can, for example, tailor their curriculum to their needs of their children and communities. We don’t set standardise provision. Our Trust Parent Engagement Champion helps to develop parental engagement.

We support school self-evaluation. We work with autonomous school leaders to help them to assess their schools strengths and areas for development. We work as a partnership, sharing the capacity of our very best teachers and leaders from all our schools and the Trust to provide high-quality, effective support to leaders in our schools. Our School Improvement Strategy is research and evidence-informed.

Research  informs our school improvement strategy, teaching and leadership. Our schools are supported by our trust and school-based Research and Evidence-Based Practice Champions and our leadership of large-scale improvement projects. Our strategy helps to reduce unnecessary teacher workload by helping schools to stop doing the things that don’t have impact, thus enhancing teacher recruitment and retention. Our Evidence-Informed Schools blogs, Trust newsletters and Impact Studies help to demonstrate the nature of what our schools do.

We support schools beyond our trust…we have a moral purpose to do so

Copthorne Primary School and Horton Grange Primary School, Bradford are designated as Teaching Schools by central government. These schools, operating under the name of Exceed Institute, facilitate a wide range of school improvement support for Exceed Academies Trust and schools in Leeds, Bradford, Keighley and beyond. Copthorne and Horton Grange utilise the capacity of their own and partner schools and trusts to share expertise between schools. We are driven by our ‘why’.

Children playing at one of our Exceed schools

“We believe that successful schools develop their own identity and individuality and are best placed to meet their own community’s needs.”