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Literacy Support Prospectus

Download the Literacy Professional Development and Support Prospectus here (version 5, 13/05/19)


As a legacy of our DfE-funded Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) project and with the opportunity available for some schools via the Bradford Opportunity Area grants for literacy support (February 2019), Exceed Teaching Schools, led by Copthorne and Horton Grange Primary Schools, have worked with selected providers to produce an extensive literacy support offer, saving school leaders time in scoping the market for evidence-based support.

Exceed Institute has engaged with a wide range of providers that have delivered high-quality school improvement support in Bradford schools in recent months. These providers have a proven track record of positively impacting on standards and pupil outcomes. These programmes will help schools to maximise the impact of:

  • Bradford Opportunity Area funded literacy support grant
  • Schools’ use of Pupil Premium Grant for disadvantaged pupils
  • Schools’ own internally-funded development priorities

Some of these programmes, such as CLPE’s Power of Reading and the Elkan offer, have been part of the DfE-funded Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) project led by Exceed Teaching Schools with 11 Bradford schools in 2018-19. Others, such as the NACE offer, represent support identified through dialogue with schools, such as Exceed’s More Able and Challenge Network which was attended by over 30 delegates in January 2019. This prospectus is intended to be part of the legacy of the SSIF project; making schools aware of what has resulted in positive impact on standards and outcomes.

This literacy prospectus provides school leaders with an overview of these programmes and the evidence-base for their approach, content and impact in schools, helping them to make informed choices before commissioning support.

Many of these programmes are expensive with the extra costs of travel and hotel accommodation increasing the pressure of school budget further. Therefore, we’ve sought ways to make them available locally (in Bradford, close to the Leeds border) and at a reduced cost by facilitating schools to work in partnership to ‘bulk buy’.

We’re striving for these programmes to commence in the summer or autumn term 2019, or later depending on schools’ needs. Therefore, we’re encouraging schools to scope their support needs during the spring and summer terms 2019, to complete our expression of interest form so that we can ‘bulk buy’ support and then access the support once the arrangements are confirmed.

Exceed Institute can facilitate bespoke support from our Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE), Local Leaders of Education (LLE) and partner schools who have been involved in our SSIF project and many of the programmes outlined here.

To select appropriate uses of school funds, leaders are encouraged to consider the EEF’s ‘Putting Evidence to Work – A School’s Guide to Implementation’, including:

  • Creating the foundations for good implementation
  • Defining the problem they want to solve and identify appropriate programmes or practices to implement (we hope this prospectus supports this) (spring 2019)
  • Create an implementation plan and prepare staff and resources (spring/summer 2019)
  • Deliver the programme and monitor progress (summer/autumn 2019+)
  • Plan for sustaining and scaling the programme

The expression of interest form is quick and easy to complete. Please follow this link to complete the form and we’ll begin to arrange the events and support on your behalf:


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