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Exceed Local Leader of Education (LLE)

The designation of Local Leaders of Education (LLE) now lies with Teaching Schools in the same way that Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) are accredited locally. This is a nationally recognised status aligned to a specific Teaching School. We’re delighted to offer Exceed Local Leader of Education designation to eligible leaders from our partner schools.

Applications are prepared by the headteacher seeking designation and  then submitted to a panel of leaders from the partnership to consider. If successful, Exceed Institute will hold the records of the designation which may be subject to scrutiny by the NCTL or related organisations.

We’ve prepared an introduction to the role of our expectations of Exceed LLEs and their schools. This is available here.

Before you apply


Potential applicants must review the eligibility criteria before applying. These are not flexible; to apply you must meet the criteria and have the capacity to support other schools. Designation is a commitment to contribute to the school-led system via Exceed Institute upon securing the status.

Please email before preparing the application forms to indicate your intent. This designation is only available to formal Exceed Institute partner schools. We cannot be responsible for applications submitted by non-partner school leaders.

Application forms

The application process consists of three elements:

Part A: A series of questions for the applicant to respond to in writing to demonstrate their eligibility. Download Part A here.

Part B: A form that requires the applicant to provide examples of how they have supported another headteacher to develop their leadership. Download Part B here.

Reference: Applicants are asked to provide the name of a referee from whom Exceed Institute will request a reference. You can see the information we will request from the referee here.

Upon designation, Exceed Local Leaders of Education undertake their support roles via Exceed Institute. This adds capacity and rigour to school-to-school support arrangements. Exceed LLEs may also undertake Quality Assurance Lead roles as school leaders independent of an arrangement between two or more schools.

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