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System leader deployment tools

This page includes tools to help schools that are providing or receiving support from another school or organisation to effective plan and maintain records of the support they are providing or receiving.

Supporting school:

After each visit of significant activity, system leaders should complete the Note of Visit form to create a brief record of the support.

Record of Visit

Both supporting and supported schools:

The action plan template, below, provides the basis of a fully-costed programme of support for which the supported school remains accountable for. This should be be prepared by both the supported and supporting schools.

Action plan template

This spreadsheet helps schools to forecast the costs of the support they are commissioning and to maintain a record of the actual cost.

Forecast and actual costs spreadsheet

The following impact report template acts as the basis for reporting on the impact of support. It can be used as both an interim report (during the support) and a final report (upon the support’s conclusion).

Report template

Supported schools:

This record is maintained by a leader at the supported school following each visit by or to the supported school or on completion of an action by the supporting school on behalf of the supported school.

Visit record template


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