Personalised high-quality initial teacher training in Bradford

What support will I receive in school?

We support the development of your skills, knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning through a carefully integrated programme of training. Dedicated sessions where you come together as a group in schools across the partnership married to your work in classrooms. Your Class-based Mentor will observe you teach on a weekly basis and work alongside you in the classroom. They will meet with you on a weekly basis to provide you with personalised support, feedback and training so that you can provide evidence of your progress as a trainee teacher and the impact you’re having on children’ learning. Typically you begin teaching small groups of children and build up towards full classes though all trainees have an individualised action plan to take account of their starting points.. We’re realistic about your development; we don’t expect you to be responsible for full classes from day one of your training!

You’ll receive high quality support from experienced school leaders as well as classroom-based support from teachers with a successful track record. You’ll also receive wider support from staff across the schools you train in so that you have opportunity to work alongside a range of teachers, observing good and outstanding practice across the curriculum and the age range you are training for.

We have Lead Mentors who have undertake Masters-level training in coaching and mentoring overseeing the support you’ll receive from the Class-based Mentors. This helps to ensure you get a great experience. We provide regular training to our Class-based Mentors to help them meet your training needs. We want all our trainees to fell they are welcomed and supported by our partnership schools and our Head Teachers are committed to ensuring a high quality programme. All we do is driven by our vision: Excel, Inspire, Care.


Children playing at one of our Exceed schools

“We believe that successful schools develop their own identity and individuality and are best placed to meet their own community’s needs.”