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SAFE Taskforce Initiatives

What initiatives are the Bradford SAFE Taskforce supporting? 

Commando Joe’s 

CJ’s provide early intervention for those young people disengaged with their education, alongside pupils who excel academically, specialising in behaviour management, growth-mindset development and life skills education.

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School-Home Support  

SHS provide support to improve low attendance and persistent absence rates. The core offer comprises intervention and support for hard-to-reach families, turning around poor engagement in school and learning. SHS also provide specialist pastoral support on issues beyond the classroom affecting children’s ability to learn, helping ensure teachers can focus on progress and learning. 

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Youth Engagement Support (YES) Project 

The YES Project provides education and mentoring support for young people who are at risk of disengaging from education. YES is built on a ‘Trusted Adult’ approach to engagement, encouraging positive lifestyle choices, challenging and changing attitudes and values that contribute to poor lifestyle choices, low school attendance and consequent associated safeguarding, criminal exploitation and violent crime risks.

Educational Psychology 

Educational Psychology (EP) work with children and young people, and with the adults who are involved with them, in order to improve educational outcomes. 

EPs work with underachieving students, students with additional needs, students with behavioural difficulties and other students who are failing to make progress despite school-based interventions. They also work with students who are experiencing home based difficulties which are impacting on their attainment in school. 

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St Giles Trust - Gender-Specific Mentoring

The Bradford SAFE Taskforce are funding St Giles Trust to provide gender-specific mentoring for girls who:

1) may have difficulty forming and maintaining positive relationships

2) struggle to recognise toxic behaviours and relationships 

3) are exposed to coercive and controlling behaviours

Secondary goals of this project are to reduce aggression, raise self-esteem and improve academic performance, with a long term view of preventing young women and girls from becoming victims or perpetrators of violence. 

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